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Visiting Artists Lecture Series | November 15, 2023

Katarzyna Krzykawaska


Katarzyna Krzykawaska
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Katarzyna Krzykawska is a sculptor with gallery exhibits and site-specific art installations in
several countries including Poland, USA, Germany, Spain, Mexico and Taiwan. Her work
explores the sociocultural context of landscapes. 

Krzykawska likes to trace obscured, often uncomfortable facts which are concealed by popular belief and established narratives. She likes to expose the contradictions of oppositions such as the idealistic utopian versus the pragmatic mundane. She has been commissioned by various institutions to make park sculptures, monuments, and scenic design.

Krzykawska studied art in Poland and Spain and has received a MA in Sculpture and Art
Education as well as PhD, and post doctorate degrees from the Academies of Fine Arts in
Cracow and Gdansk. She has taught art at universities in Poland, Italy and Mexico and is
currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Landscape Art at the Warsaw
University of Life Sciences.

She lives and works in the US and Poland.