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Visiting Artists Lecture Series | September 13, 2023

Sophie Ramos


Sophie Ramos
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Sofie Ramos was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently based in the Bay Area. 


Since her recent escape from academia, she has had substantial exhibitions at "Mixed Greens" gallery in New York and "Incline" gallery in San Francisco. She also just completed the Artist in Residence program at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park. 

Inspired by everyday material culture, she curates found objects, patterns, and materials and makes the familiar strange through hyperboles of form and color, as well as unexpected juxtaposition and whimsical attention to detail. Finally able to realize her dream to live where she works at the "Growlery", her improvisational and inconclusive process will merge with her day-to-day life to create a large-scale painting installation that evolves and transforms throughout the duration of her stay.