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Ferriso's "Through the Trees"

Joseph Ferriso featured in solo exhibition "Through the Trees"

Fishermans Close, 2023

Fishermans Close, 2023

Professor Ferriso, Lecturer in Art Studio, shares his latest works at a solo exhibition titled Through the Trees, at The Sea Ranch Lodge.  On view this month, April 5- April 30, 9am-9pm daily. Opening reception will be this Thursday, April 6th, 4:00 - 6:00 PM. 

For the past two years, Joe has been walking through the trails and roads, drawing the shapes of the architecture and omitting the trees and bushes. His initial focus was solely on the architectural shapes, pulling them from their context and abstracting their spatial and emotional dimensions with idiosyncratic color choices. In the past few months, he has begun including the tree shapes, capturing their movement in abbreviated silhouettes. These wavy, often towering shapes exert power over their shorter geometric neighbors. The trees appear whimsical and menacing simultaneously. Painting both the homes and their environment together, he seeks to translate their relationship into simplified forms that isolate their contrasting shapes and tell coded visual stories which are open to interpretation.