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Visiting Art Professor Alex Hanson to be an artist in residence at Stove Works

Alex Hanson

Visiting Art Professor of sculpture, Alex Hanson, will be an artist in residence this summer at Stove Works in Chattanooga, TN. Alex will be creating a series of small wood sculptures.

Stove Works’ goal is to use Contemporary Art as a megaphone in order to foster an environment of exchange and reflection, to provide opportunities to learn from the experiences of others and to give voice. Stove Works seeks to bring outside elements into Chattanooga where creators, their work, and those that witness are engaged in a dynamic process: all three are impacted by the other in an evolving way, enriching outcomes for all.  Stove Works aims to draw greater attention to the production of contemporary works in the Southeast, expand and educate an audience outside of traditional art goers, create an active base of arts advocates, and further establish the Southeast’s (and Chattanooga’s) contribution to the national dialogue surrounding contemporary art.