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Anne-Louise Dierkes

Lecturer in Art History

Anne-Louise Dierkes
Anne-Louise Dierkes



Art 106

Office Hours


  • Art History 210:  Intro to Art History: Prehistoric to Gothic
  • Art History 211:  Intro to Art History: Renaissance to Modern
  • Art History 273:  Arts and Literature in the 1980s: Critical and Creative Readings and Renderings
  • Art History 424:  Before Rome Became *ROME*: Etruscan Art, Architecture, and Culture from the Villanovan Period through the End of the Republic
  • Art History 440:  Early Italian Renaissance Art Seminar: The Cult of Personality
  • Art History 460:  History of American Art
  • Art History 464:  Avant-Gardes of Early 20th Century
  • Art History 465:  Modern Art from 1945 to 1979
  • Art History 466:  Contemporary Art


M.Phil., City University of New York, Graduate Center, Art History
MA, Pennsylvania State University, Art History
BA, University of California, Berkeley, Comparative Literature


M.Phil, MA, BA

Academic Interests

Anne-Louise Dierkes has taught Art History classes at Sonoma State University for the past eight years, and has been a college instructor in Sonoma County since 2007.  An academic specialist in European and American art of the 19th and 20th centuries, she has more recently developed her passion for ancient and medieval European art into a secondary teaching specialty.  As a doctoral candidate, Anne-Louise studied postwar assemblage from California and its connections to American and British countercultural groups.

Ms. Dierkes holds a M.Phil. degree in Art History from the City University of New York, a MA degree in Art History from the Pennsylvania State University, and a BA degree in Comparative Literature from UC Berkeley.