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Am I Eligible for Scholarships and Financial Assistance and Where Do I Apply?

The Financial Aid Office is located 1st floor, Salazar Hall, phone (707) 664-2389. Most students who have not applied for financial aid when they apply for admission to the university will want to visit the Financial Aid Office to inquire about deadlines for grants and the various options available to them. Once you have filed a financial aid application you should check regularly if you do not receive word back from them in a timely fashion. Some students will qualify for Work Study funds.

Several Work Study positions exist in the Department, providing students with work opportunities in the Gallery, Tool Cribs, Slide Room and Art Office which relate to their major. In addition, there are many scholarship possibilities for Art Students including several departmental scholarships. (The Les and Alexis Brooks Scholarship; the Boyle Scholarship for Study Abroad; the Art Department Scholarship and others). The deadline for applying for academic scholarships occurs early in each Spring Semester. You will need 3 letters of reference from faculty familiar with your work. You will also be asked to write an essay describing why you want a scholarship, what you have accomplished, and your goals after college.